The Most Complete Apartments

Its our tradition to leave in the apartments lots of groceries and fresh food for our guests. We really like to make them feel home from the first look! 

At your arrival you will find a perfectly equipped apartment, fresh fruits and vegetables, a cake, fresh pasta and all of that is gonna be included!  


Refined Choice Of The Best Materials

From the beginning we decided to invest in the use of the best natural materials to guarantee our guests maximum comfort.  In our apartments you will find only towels and sheets of the best cottons and linens, the great advantages of these fabrics are:

  • Clothing, sheets, and pillow cases in natural fabrics are the best choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Natural fabrics have a high rate of humidity dispersion and often natural antibacterial properties.
  • Natural fibers will play a key role in the sustainable economy, an economy based on energy efficiency, on industrial processes that reduce carbon emissions and increase the production of recyclable materials, minimizing the problem of waste.

Organic Food and Products

Health is no joke. We are proud of our choice to provide organic food to our guests, for a healthier and more careful diet.

Organic foods have been shown to contain 48% less cadmium (a mineral that can be toxic to humans), and often have higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Our choice of sustainability and quality includes not only food but also products for the body and personal care. Our products do not contain parabens, silicones, petrolatum or other substances harmful to our skin.



Private Garage and fenced parkings

We always offer our guests a private and fenced parking, we care about the comfort of our guests!
Each apartment comes with its own private parking space, you will never have any problems with these.
No reservation is necessary, every guest will have it guaranteed!

Here some general informations related to parking in the area:

  • All parking spaces marked with the white line are free of charge.
  • Parking lots with the blue line are metered.
  • Parking lots with the yellow line are residential, that means they are reserved for people who live in the town and cannot be used in any time slot.

Private Parking

We also have the possibility of parking located a few meters from the apartments on the uphill street: Corso Regina Nuova, on the right there will be a gate leading to a closed gallery used only for parking.

You will receive the keys to access this place during checkin.


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